When I was only six years old, I wanted to be a painter. I loved the stars and the blue birds. In a book called « Goshawk Standing » which described the story of a hero, I read an interesting story.
This book said, « A very clumsy and curious group of blue birds live on a very wealthy planet. They focus only on the stars, travel, painting and beautiful stories. In short, they focus only on wonderful things. One day, a particularly powerful group of birds arrived on the planet b250. In order to satisfy their own desires, they began to oppress and use these blue birds. Later, the birds finally drove out the invaders. It was the beginning of their own modern and powerful country. »

I remember the author wrote, « Arise, blue birds that do not want to be slaves, and use our blood to build a new Great Wall. » The blue birds then rebelled and found themselves full of the blood of the big bird and turned Red.

Later I met adults and told them this story. The adults were surprised when they heard it and called me « little adult ». They said that I will definitely become a politician when I grow up.

Many years later, I became an adult myself and lost my paintings and stars.
One day in the morning I fell asleep in front of a coffee and I had a dream.
In this dream, a person ties up a blue bird, which gets tighter and tighter little by little, but this bird does not care and goes on with its normal life. I was so anxious that I couldn’t help but scream, “Rebel, little bird. He will kill you! « 
The little bird looked at me and whispered to himself: « This is not wonderful » Then the rope fell and the blue bird disappeared.

This is not wonderful.
This is not wonderful.
This is wonderful.

I woke up from my dream, and saw the stars, and some bird feathers.

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